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Planning and Economic Office


Address:070004, Kazakhstan str. 55, Ust-Kamenogorsk 070004, office 208
Tel.: 8 (7232) 25-54-10

HEAD OF PLANNING AND ECONOMIC OFFICE – Korykbasova Kuralay Bolatbekovna

The Economic Planning Department (hereinafter referred to as the "EPD") is an independent structural subdivision of S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan State University (hereinafter referred to as the University) and is subordinate to the Rector. EPD is guided by the laws of the RK, other decisions, decrees and orders of the Government of the RK, normative and methodological documents recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the RK, as well as by the orders on the university, decisions of the Academic Council of the University.

Main goals:

  • Development of a joint work plan and cost estimates for all types of activities with relevant subdivisions of the labor project.
  • Development of prices of training students in all structural units of the university. Ensuring timely submission of reporting data to statistical agencies, the Ministry of Education and Science of the RK.
  • Ensuring jointly with other subdivisions of the University of a correct and effective usage of labor and money allocated for maintenance of the EKSU.
  • Calculation of income expected execution of and expense estimates by types of financing in accordance with the student contingent.
  • Analysis of income estimates and expenses implementation by object of costs.
  • Development of a plan for financial and economic activities of the University jointly with other university subdivisions.
  • Participation in development of measures to improve planning and financing system of the University.

Main functions:

  • Organization of financial and economic activities planning, identifying and ensuring University financial resources.
  • Working out jointly with relevant subdivisions a work plan, estimates of income and expenses of the University.
  • Preparation jointly with the training department, Deans of faculties and Heads of the departments of projects on the staffing of teachers, management staff, servicing and training support staff for an academic year to submit the data to a supervisory authority.
  • Creation of the teaching staff tariff list and the staff schedule, management personnel, servicing and training supporting staff for an academic year.
  • Submitting jointly with Accounting and Personnel department quarter and annual reports on implementation of labor plans, annual report on the number of employees and distribution of all employees to their positions, and other periodic and one-time reporting on financial and other issues to Statistical financial authorities and the Ministry.
  • Development of forecasted marketing data concerning the cost of training for all specialties of the University.
  • Systematic control and analysis of staff units and payroll of the teaching staff, management personnel, maintenance personnel and supporting staff for all structural units.
  • Control and analysis of the implementation of the estimates of income and expenses by object of costs.
  • The Economic Planning Department interacts with all structural divisions of the University.
  • Submits proposals for improvement of work related to responsibilities provided by This Instruction;
  • Takes necessary decisions within the framework of the Charter and other university standard acts, as well as carries out actions not referred to the competence of other management bodies of the University and do not contradict the current legislation.

List of employees of the planning and economic Department:

2KORYKBASOVA KURALAY BOLATBEKOVNAHead of department (for the period of parental leave of the main employee )
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